Flipboard Canadamccracken Fastcompany

Flipboard Canadamccracken Fastcompany For Better Discoverability

In the battle against information overload, Flipboard Canadamccracken Fastcompany is trying to differentiate itself by allowing users to curate their own magazines. In addition to providing users with curated news packages, Storyboards also include social engagement analytics and topic tags for better discoverability on the platform. It’s a move that’s likely to appeal to publishers…

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Interviews Jeff amazon nikewilson Fastcompany – Jeff Bezos, Nick Denton, Amy Farley and Kimbal Musk

Interviews Jeff amazon nikewilson Fastcompany is a progressive business media brand that explores innovation, leadership, world-changing ideas and design. It’s written for, by and about the most progressive business leaders in the world. Here’s some of our favorite interviews from the magazine’s November issue. It features interviews with Jeff Bezos, Nick Denton, Amy Farley and…

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How Flipboard Fastcompany Can Help Your Company

Flipboard Fastcompany curates content from social networks and web partners (periodicals, blogs) based on your interests and turns them into stunning magazine-like digital pages. Personalize it for the news you care about; follow business, health, tech, sports teams, cooking, travel and more to get up-to-the-minute developments as well as insightful long reads and inspiration. What…

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